• You may change your child’s information, team or room selection. However, as we get closer to the start of camp, we will start making final preparations and camp administrators will be the only individuals able to make changes.
  • In order to pick a room (overnight camps only) you must first pick a team. Each team is assigned its own block of rooms so they sleep in the same area. Once you select a team the block of rooms will open up. In order to share a room with a friend, you will need to select the same team.
  • After filling out the on-line forms, the payment page will become available. At some camps, the payment page is not real time. It can take up to a week for the site to read “Paid”. Please be patient. As long as you received a confirmation email stating your payment you are all set.


  • Type in into your web address bar (not on google or yahoo). On the left hand side enter your email and password and click log in.


  1. Log onto the site as described above.
  2. Click on [Edit/View] next to the travel information form.
  3. Fill out the travel form completely.
NOTE: If we are not picking you up at the airport please click on “NO” next to do you need assistance at the airport.


  1. Log onto the web site as described above
  2. Click on [Edit/View] next to the team selection area.
  3. Verify that your son is in the right division and his position is correctly identified and hit save.
  4. NOTE: If you need to make changes to his division or position just click on the down arrow next to the appropriate category then hit save.
  5. Pick a team. If you have no preference then click on no preference. NOTE: the number next to the team represents how many spaces for your position are still available.
  6. NOTE: All the teams are the same. You must pick a team if you want to pick a roommate. If you have no preference of a team we ask that you choose no preference for team as this will allow friends to better match up with each other.


  1. Log onto the site as described above.
  2. Pick a team as described above.
  3. NOTE: you must first select a team before you can select a room. Each team is assigned it’s own area in the dorm so everybody on that team will be in rooms next to each other.
  4. If you want to room with a specific person, log onto the registration site and click on “VIEW” or “CONTINUE” next to your son’s name. Then click on “ROOM SELECTION”. Look to see if his friend is an option on the list. If so, and there is space in his room, click on the bubble next to that room then scroll down and click “save room selection”. You are done. If his friends name is missing or his room is full then scroll up to the top and select one of these options: “Next empty 2-person room” or “Next empty 3-person room” or “Next empty 4-person room” (NOTE: not all of these types of rooms may be available). After you select this option scroll down to the bottom and click “save room selection”. This will place you in a new empty room. When His friend(s)log onto the system they will now be able to select him as a roommate. Also, You can then click on the words “Click here to e-mail a friend to join you at this camp”. Enter your friends name and email address. This will send him all the information he needs to put himself in your son’s room. c) You can change your room selections as many times as you like up until we close camp for changes (about two weeks before camp starts). d) Due to Federal Privacy concerns the staff at Navy cannot comment or, by action, divulge information in any way about a child other than your own. This includes moving a child in and out of a room. What does this mean? We can’t put your son’s friends into his room for you or place your son into someone else’s room. You must use the on-line system to select your son’s room. .
  5. NOTE: If you don’t have an interest in rooming with anyone in particular we ask that you choose no preference for your room and team as this will allow friends to better match up with each other.

    If you change your team you will have to update your room request.

    If you have two siblings who are in different divisions and they want to room together please email the camp. Please identify your camp and all the campers involved in the email. If the campers have different parents then we will need an email from all the parents involved stating their approval.


Q: How do I pick a team that is the right age group for my son?

A: The system will use two criteria to limit your choices to the teams relevant to your child. Before you pick his or her team, the system will use his age to put him into a division. These Divisions are based on age. Once your child is put into a division the system will use his or her requested position to limit him to the teams in his division that need his position.

Q: What if my child is really good or really new to the sport and wants to play in a different division than the other campers his age?

A: Not a problem, using this new system you will be able to select a different division allowing your child to play where he will be most challenged. However, we strongly encourage campers to play in the division of their peers.

Q: If your system uses his selected position to limit him to the teams that only need his position, what happens if I listed several positions?

A: The system will ask you for a preferred position

Q: Can I switch my child's position?

A: Yes, if there is space available for that position. Simply change your child’s primary position on his enrollment page.

Q: How do I make sure my child is in a room of their peers?

A: After he/she has selected a team he will be able to select his actual room. Each team has a block of rooms assigned to it. Once he/she selects their room, your child’s first name, last initial and age will pop into the room. If a room is filled they will not be able to select it.

Q: Do I have to select a team and/or a room?

A: No, in fact if you have no preference we ask that you select the option for no preference so that the individuals who do have a preference can get their roommates. If you have no option you will be put on a team from your division that needs your position.

Q: When is the last time I will be able to make a change in my enrollment?

A: We will lock the system for changes a few weeks prior to the start of camp so we can start sending all the information that we have to be processed and printed.

Q: Will I still be able to log on and see my child’s information after the system has been locked?

A: Yes, you will have access to your child’s info at all times.

Q: How can I make an important or critical change to my son's flight or medical information if the system has been locked?

A: You will need to call/email the office and we will enter the new information for you.

If you need assistance, other than what is offered here, please contact us at (410) 293-5539 or email us at
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